Project Teams
These are the main projects we’re currently working on. With the support of a broader community, we’re either driving or helping to drive these projects to their full potential. While each project supports collaboration in a different way, together they intend to provide revolutionary improvements in coordination.
Network Research
Network Research identifies and uses leverage points within science as a system to align researchers and research funders. Learn more about what we’re working on and how you can become involved!
Network Funding
Network Funding’s mission is to demonstrate that funds can be sustainably deployed in the web3 space to fund the creation of user-empowering technologies, while pioneering the structures (legal, capital, and tooling) to do so. Learn more about our related projects and discover ways you can get involved!
Internal Projects
In Network Goods, we believe that accessibility and transparency are the foundation of how we work and that the benefit of our work comes from others’ interaction with it. As such, we cultivate an inclusive environment where all Labbers work together in our pursuit of our goal to engineer tools and opportunities for revolutionary coordination systems. We look for people with unique perspectives and diverse backgrounds ready to transfer their skills towards solving ambitious problems.
Internal Projects
We are ambitious and curious We have strong opinions, weakly held We don’t fear failure; we fear failing to try
We are transparent and share our knowledge We look to fill gaps in our expertise We adapt to new challenges
Team Members
Addie Wagenknecht
Public Goods Funding
Alison Isaacs
Advisor, People Ops Lead
Carl Cervone
Startup Operator
Corey James
Public Goods Funding Startup Operator
David Casey
Community & Partnerships Lead
David Dalrymple
Research Scientist
Evan Miyazono
Network Goods Lead
Holke Brammer
Public Goods Funding Researcher
Jason Moggridge
Startup Systems Engineer
Matthew Frehlich
Team Lead - Network Funding
Petar Maymounkav
Research Engineer
Raymond Cheng
Startup Operator
Silvia Bessa
Research Program Manager
Theresa Therriault
Project Manager
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