Internal Projects
These are the main projects we’re currently working on. With the support of a broader community, we’re either driving or helping to drive these projects to their full potential. While each project supports collaboration in a different way, together they intend to provide revolutionary improvements in coordination.
Research Roadmaps
Research roadmapping is a knowledge-sharing activity and a tool for solving coordination problems around future research explorations. Roadmaps are a collaborative decision-making tool that stakeholders can use to explore the problem space together and discover possible solutions.
Vision: Deliberation around approaches to large scale research efforts occurs in a permissive and collaborative environment, replicating the success of the Polymath Project, but at an even larger and more interdisciplinary scale.
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Impact Evaluators
Impact Evaluators are systems or mechanisms to incentivize high upside, high uncertainty projects across a community of participants in a scalable manner using web3 infrastructure and retroactive funding.
Vision: there is a diverse variety of modular open source tools, where it’s easy for a community to mix and match tools for scoping, measuring, valuing, and rewarding outcomes that they are passionate about.
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Governance for Git
Governance for Git (gov4git) is a library that adds the capacity to create and vote on ballots within the version-controlled structure of git.
Vision: software developers, economists, and political theorists experiment with and improve tools for voting on all forms of information and information-processing systems at global scales, with the world’s largest open source software projects adopting democracies and the world’s largest democracies collaboratively building and deploying version controlled legislation.
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Funding the Commons
We are individuals and organizations building new models of sustainable public goods funding and value alignment in open source networks. Our goal with Funding the Commons is to bridge the public goods community across Web2, Web3, research, philanthropy and industry.
Vision: what began as a conference series has grown into a movement, where individuals reach for novel coordination tools and practices to solve problems in society, analogous to the early 21st century zeitgeist where people reach for startups and venture funding to build products to solve problems.
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Arcological Association is establishing new standards for infrastructure needed to accelerate decentralized funding for the commons by focusing on novel tooling for regenerative growth and on-chain mechanisms.
Vision: the only legal structure to host temporally scoped investments in the public good becomes the first of many, dramatically increasing the ability to track reputation and skill in achieving positive impact for society.
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Discourse Graphs
Discourse Graphs are a decentralized protocol for synthesis and communication of scientific progress. The Discourse Graph information model simplifies scientific communication, enabling researchers to exchange data and ideas faster and with more granularity.
Vision: all science is shared immediately and continuously, with discourse graph nodes being cited as the initial source of breakthrough ideas and data, as preprints are now.
Learn more about the Discourse Graphs Starter Pack, check out Joel Chan's Discourse Graph materials, or email us with questions!
Hypercerts Foundation
Hypercerts are a novel structure to build scalable and interoperable funding systems for impact.
Vision: A deep and robust marketplace exists for prospective and retrospective funding of impact, generally. The ability to fund any positive outcomes, from new scientific discoveries to filling potholes, or from capturing carbon to reducing homelessness is effectively addressed by a public that has become skilled in identifying and funding impactful work, prompting a paradigm where strongly contribution to public goods is a social norm.
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