Network Funding
These are the main projects we’re currently working on. With the support of a broader community, we’re either driving or helping to drive these projects to their full potential. While each project supports collaboration in a different way, together they intend to provide revolutionary improvements in coordination.
Our Mission
Network Funding works to demonstrate that funds can be sustainably deployed in the Web3 space to fund the creation of user-empowering technologies, while pioneering the legal and capital structures to do so.
The Network Funding team is a research, development and deployment team that explores new funding mechanisms for public goods and commons.
Our team has a portfolio of projects we work across, and often spin out projects when they hit maturity: Impact Evaluators Arcological (spun out) Funding the Commons (spun out) 2023 roadmap coming soon!
Research & Blogs
We publish research and thought leadership on our materials.
Generalized Impact Evaluators, A Year of Experiments and Theory
TLDR: Protocol Labs' Network Funding team is releasing a whitepaper on Impact Evaluators, a funding mechanism designed for nontraditional projects with high uncertainty and high upside. Our goal is to add structure to the ongoing dialogue and share practical implementation advice based on a year of experience.
Funding Opportunity for Public Goods in the Filecoin & IPFS Ecosystem
The Protocol Labs community has just announced a Gitcoin Grants Matching Round, happening June 8th through 23rd, to help fund public and network goods in the greater Protocol Labs (IPFS / Filecoin) ecosystem
A Public Goods Experiment on Filecoin: Retroactively Funding Impact with Quadratic Voting
TLDR: Earlier this year, the PL Network Goods team launched a Quadratic Voting funding experiment on Filecoin repositories with the help of maintainers and storage providers, rewarded community contributors, and built retroactive funding infrastructure for broader application. Read below to learn more about the experiment.
Past Talks
Network Research’s interests are found at the intersection of metaresearch and public goods. Learn more about what we’re learning and doing below:
Introducing Network Funds - Funding Public Goods for Fun and Profit
Juan Benet March 4, 2022
Funding Networks
Matthew Frehlich, Protocol Labs October 26, 2022
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Our Team
Addie Wagenknecht
Public Goods Funding
Carl Cervone
Startup Operator
Corey James
Public Goods Funding Startup Operator
Holke Brammer
Public Goods Funding Researcher
Matthew Frehlich
Team Lead
Silvia Bessa
Research Program Manager
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